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Grupo Senzala was founded in 1963 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with the goals of teaching, researching, and promoting Capoeira. The Senzala style of Capoeira is based on the techniques of Capoeira Regional, which was developed by Mestre Bimba and draws on other influences like Capoeira Angola and gymnastics.

Centro Cultural Senzala de Capoeira was founded by Marcelo Guimaraes, a.k.a. Mestre Peixinho and today is part of Grupo Senzala. Its headquarters is located in Rio de Janeiro and has branches throughout Brazil and several other countries.

Mestre Peixinho began training Capoeira in 1964 with Paulo and Rafael Flores in Rio de Janeiro. The small group of friends would gather often to improve their techniques. They would later unite to become the founders of Grupo Senzala.

Senzala is a school with high standards in terms of the quality and authenticity of Capoeira. Strong ties to history and culture along with refined techniques and discipline make it renown all over the world. The Senzala style has influenced every Capoeira group in the world -- even those that practice other forms of Capoeira.

Roda in Denmark
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